“I don’t like it here…I LOVE IT!”

I vividly remember the day I moved my mother, Esther, into Heritage Haus. That day she was too weak to walk to the car. Thus began the transformation. Over the next few months, mom started daily exercise under the staff’s watchful eye. Soon, she was strong enough to walk independently wherever she needed to go. While I was overjoyed at the physical transformation, I was even more blessed witnessing her emotional well-being. My mother used to say to anyone visiting Heritage Haus, “I don’t like it here…I LOVE IT!”. Heritage Haus and the staff that work there gave my mother the best last few years of her life I could have ever hoped for. Amongst the beautiful surroundings, my mother found comradery and entertainment, she found companionship at mealtimes, and she felt pride in her appearance. All of these gifts were at the hands of the nurturing staff and owners. They strive to maintain the dignity and independence of those living there. The special touches such as daily hair styling, added fashion accessories, and emphasis on socialization gave my mother pride and purpose. Further, when mom felt the need for some alone time, she had a beautifully decorated bedroom and private bathroom all her own. As a health care provider, I also recognized the careful attention to all my mother’s medical needs. The annual Christmas parties were such a special treat for both those living there and their families. The staff were so supportive of our family gatherings at Heritage Haus where it was easier for mom to be a part of, and they always made our “little parties” so lovely. We were there so often, my children felt at home when visiting with Grandma.

When mom’s time on earth drew to a close, the compassion and care were amazing. I am forever grateful for the life Heritage Haus gave my mother, and for the memories we made there together.